Our Program

Radiology Associates of South Florida is proud to provide “center of excellence” lung cancer screening to Baptist Health, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, and Medical Center of Ocean Reef. Our colleagues at Mariners Hospital also participate in our program.

The RASF program:

  • adheres to the ACR, Strategic Radiology and Lung Cancer Alliance Centers of Excellence guidelines, with chest CT doses universally under 1 milliSievert (the equivalent of less than 3 months of background radiation from living on Earth)
  • informs patients of the risks and benefits of low-dose chest CT, with availability of further counseling from nurse navigators about the examination
  • is governed by a fellowship-trained cardiothoracic radiologist
  • provides reading using a small core group of radiologists trained in the interpretation and reporting of lung screening CT
  • reports results for high-risk patients using the ACR Lung-RADS structured reporting guidelines
  • enrolls all patients in a database to ensure appropriate followup imaging and testing
  • communicates results to patients and referring physicians using our nurse navigators
  • coordinates the program with the partnership of a multidisciplinary lung cancer working group, including thoracic surgery, interventional radiology, and pulmonology

RASF performs low-dose chest CT at 5 hospitals, 13 outpatient centers (Baptist Medical Plaza), and at the Medical Center of Ocean Reef. To be scheduled at one of our Baptist Health facilities, please visit our Lung Screening landing page. You may also call the following numbers:


Miami-Dade County

Broward County

Monroe County / Florida Keys

Lung Cancer Screening Center - Radiology Associates of South Florida - Lung Cancer
RASF is the proud provider of radiological services for Baptist Health South Florida in Miami Dade and Broward. We are the leading provider of radiological services in Miami / South Florida.
Screening Center of Excellence - Radiology Associates of South Florida - Lung Cancer